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Adamantia Researcher

Adamantia Tsouchnika, Tutor-Counselor at Hellenic Open University

Basically, there are some similarities and differences in the methods of adamantia research and the methods of adamantia tsouchnika. These differences are related to the conditions that are required for the summoning of adamantia, and also to the research areas and the types of adamantia that can be used.

Research areas

Despite her work as a Tutor-Counselor at Hellenic Open University, Adamantia Tsouchnika has a long list of research areas. Her research areas have been reflected by her output, which is evident by her published articles in international conferences. Currently, Adamantia’s research areas include mobile and wireless applications, networked organizations, and business models. Her research articles have been published in conferences such as the European Conference of Information Systems and the Bled Electronic Commerce Conference.

Adamantia is currently working on research related to 5G wireless communications, wireless services, business models, and networked organizations. She received a Diploma from University of Western Macedonia and a PhD (2019) from the National Technical University of Athens. She also serves as a Secretary of IEEE Young Professionals Greece and is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. Adamantia’s research articles have been published in various international conferences, such as the European Conference of Information Systems and Bled Electronic Commerce Conference.

Summoning conditions

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