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Panda Express Fortune Cookie

Panda Express Fortune Cookie Review

For one month, each Panda Express fortune cookie will be transformed into a “fortunate cookie,” with messages of gratitude, love, support, and smiles. The company encourages guests to take a picture of themselves with a fortune cookies using the hashtag #fortunate. The idea is to create a chain reaction and show gratitude.

While fortune cookies usually symbolize good fortune for the individual, the Panda family feels that fortune should be shared. That’s why each associate receives a ‘fortunate cookie’ pin, as well as a “FortuNote,” a card-like message that is sent to the recipient.

The Panda Express fortune cookie has approximately 32 calories per portion and 0.0% fat. The cookies are made from enriched flour, corn starch, and soy oil. They also contain artificial flavorings. There are no allergen warnings on the packaging, but if you have a severe allergy to one of these ingredients, you should avoid Panda Express cookies altogether.

The Panda express fortune cookies come free of charge, but they are exclusive and are not advertised with any other products. They are also sold in a separate box, making them more exclusive than other products from the company. Their packaging is transparent, and even has a panda on the front. The packaging also features the slogan “Gourmet”, but the cookies are not marketed in this way.

Fortune cookies are generally vegan-friendly and gluten-free. However, you should double-check before ordering. Also, most of them contain FD&C Yellow #5 and #6, which are commonly used in animal testing. If you’re looking to avoid animal testing, don’t order the panda express fortune cookie.

Fortune cookies are a specialty of Asian culture, but are not unique to Asian cuisine. They are baked like regular cookies, but are decorated with lucky numbers. They are smaller than average cookies and have different contents than you would expect from a cookie. Many fortune cookies are in a butterfly shape.