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When Can I Stop Wearing A Bra After Breast Augmentation

You may be wondering when you can stop wearing a bra after your surgery. You don’t have to wear a bra for the entire procedure, but you might want to keep it on for at least two weeks. Wearing an underwire bra after breast augmentation is not recommended for the first month. A supportive bra with no wire can be worn for the first two weeks. After four weeks, it should be removed.

Only one exception is wearing a sports bra when you sleep, as it protects your breasts and prevents them from touching. This can lead to premature sagging and stretched skin. It is important to keep your bra clean by washing it on a delicate cycle and avoid drying it. If you have to wear a bra following breast augmentation, ensure it is not made from plastic. Avoid wearing bras with stray buttons as they can further aggravate scarring.

It is not advisable to go braless before six weeks after your surgery. Your pectoral muscles and incisions can be put under strain by heavy lifting and other activities. To avoid pain, you should ease into high-impact activities with a supportive bra. Avoid heavy lifting or exercise for at least three weeks after breast augmentation to avoid further complications. Afterward, you can gradually stop wearing a bra if you feel pain or discomfort.

After breast augmentation, you should wear a compression garment to prevent your breasts from developing lumps. Wearing a bra before your breast implants are healed is risky as it can cause irregularity in the final appearance of your breasts. Wearing a bra before your breast implants have settled will help you avoid this, but it is not mandatory. Your surgeon will tell you when an underwire bra should be worn after breast augmentation.

It is important to remember that you must wear a bra for about four weeks after breast augmentation. Your surgeon will provide a special support bra or sports bra for you after your surgery. You should wear it around the clock, but only take it off to shower or get dressed. You should replace the bra if it is too tight or uncomfortable. It will be more comfortable than regular bras and will speed up your recovery.

If you have a new bra size, you can celebrate your new figure by shopping for a new one. Many women find it exciting to shop for a new bra. To celebrate their new shape, some women even go to the expense of having their bra professionally fitted. When can I stop wearing a bra after breast augmentation? It depends on your breast size. It is best to try the bra on before you buy it. If you are not confident with the final size, you can also try the bra before you buy it.

The time before you can stop wearing a bra after breast augmentation will depend on the type of breast implant you had done. You should wear a sports bra if you had saline breast implants. Silicone implants are made to be smoother, but they take a longer time to settle. If your implants are not fully settled, you may have uneven breasts. A new bra may be required.