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Research Pharmacy Coordinator

Research Pharmacy Coordinator

A Research Pharmacy Coordinator is a professional who has many skills. They are trained to identify medical issues, verify medication content, labeling, and collaborate with nurses and physicians. They also have to collaborate with other healthcare professionals and ensure compliance with federal and state drug laws. They are responsible for patient safety and confidentiality and adhere to infection control protocols.

They are well-versed in the use and dosage of medications, as well as the storage requirements. They also perform manipulation and record keeping functions, and may even interpret physician orders. In addition, they are responsible for performing sterile parenteral procedures and ensuring the aseptic technique. They must deliver accurate work results within the time limitations.

Research pharmacists work with pharmaceutical companies to study new drugs. They conduct clinical trials and set up drug trials to ensure that new drugs are safe, effective, and reliable. They may also assist with obtaining FDA approval and patents for new products. Many research pharmacists also work in the insurance industry, where they design cost-benefit analyses. In some cases, they may work with pharmaceutical marketing departments, providing information on safety protocols. Research pharmacists typically have at least one to two years of clinical research experience, which can help them excel in their role.