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Tina Turner Natal Chart

Tina Turner’s Horoscope – Learn About Her Personality

Using Tina Turner’s natal chart, you can understand her personality traits more fully. Her Mars is in Pisces, which makes her an energetic, assertive, and enterprising person. This configuration provides a great deal of flexibility and potential for personal development, but it also can create some unpleasant aspects. Regardless of your interpretation, here are a few of the main features of Tina Turner’s horoscope.

First, Tina Turner’s birth charts are not complete, but they will give you some insight into her personality. Her Moon is placed in Taurus, which is a happy and intelligent sign. She is patient and enjoys the opposite sex. Furthermore, her Moon is exalted in Taurus. These qualities make Tina a fascinating and unique personality. Despite Tina Turner’s personality and astrological makeup, she is not the perfect match for a Libran male.

The 12th lord in her natal chart causes loss of paternal wealth, but grants her a government-granted wealth. Mercury is also exalted in Scorpio, her sign, and aspects the 1st house, so it’s important to know what these placements indicate about her horoscope. If Mercury is in the wrong sign, you can expect a love life sparked by jealousy or other mistreatment.

Tina Turner’s Horoscope shows that she had a turbulent relationship with Ike Turner. Her North-western quadrant is her career and her intimate life. Her natal chart shows that she had both a professional and intimate relationship. Consult her horoscope to find out if Tina Turner is the right match for you.

According to Tina Turner’s horoscope, her husband Ike Turner is an artist, musician, and writer who was once married to Tina Turner. Their relationship lasted a decade, and they divorced in 2011. She married Erwin Bach, a record executive, in 2013. In the same year, her Mars and Sun are squared, a strong sign of divorce in a female’s horoscope.

Tina Turner’s horoscope reveals that she is an Earth sign, a kind of “realist”. She is decisive, straightforward, and spontaneous, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is good at making new friends, but she may not be at ease with her family or natal environment. She may crave freedom, exoticism, and emancipation, but doesn’t put that priority on her relationship until she meets her soul mate.

Tina Turner, in addition to her interesting natal chart was also an actress in 1985’s Mad Max. She was also a part of top-flight music duos and worked on commercials. 1993 saw her first movie, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Her natal chart shows that she was living in Germany when she married her husband Erwin Bach. Erwin Bach, a managing Director of EMI Records’ German division, was conceived on 24 January 1956.

Tina Turner’s horoscope indicates that her show on March 3rd and 4, 2009, should go well. Transiting Mars is retrograde over her Natal Jupiter and transiting Venus will pass through Pisces, requiring care. It’s not clear whether the show will be cancelled or postponed, but this natal chart can help us better understand the upcoming event in Tina’s life.