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Skyrim Fast Travel

Disabling Fast Travel in Skyrim

Skyrim boasts an expansive world, filled with quests that take you to all corners. Fast travel is essential for getting from place to place quickly, providing a spectacular way to explore its vast landscape. However, if you’re trying to relax and savor every last detail of this expansive game, fast travel can become annoying. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide on how to disable all types of fast travel in Skyrim!

Disable Fast Travel with Marelo’s Overhaul

Marelo’s Overhaul allows players to disable all forms of fast travel in Skyrim, except when riding a dragon. This mod is ideal for those who want to take their time exploring Skyrim’s intricate details but don’t want to risk being run over by the game’s unresponsive fast-travelling system.

Better Horses (PS4, Xbox One and PC)

With this mod, your horse will be transformed into a faster and stronger creature that won’t tire out quickly. It also has more stability which means it is resistant to enemy attacks – perfect for traveling long distances in Skyrim!

In Skyrim, unlike other open-world games, there aren’t any dedicated fast travel locations required. Instead, Skyrim marks a substantial portion of the world’s structures and landmarks as discovered, so you can reach them quickly–in just half the time it takes to locate an actual fast-travel location!

The downside of this system is that it makes discovery and exploration feel rote and tedious, as you’re often sent back to the same places repeatedly to complete specific quests. That’s not what open-world RPGs should do, and this issue only gets worse as the world grows larger and the quests become more intricate.

Respawning Enemies on Arrival

This bug occurs when Dragonborn use fast travel to reach a location. Upon arriving, random creatures spawn before them – some non-hostile and talkable, while others respawn hostile after fast-traveling. This creates significant hassle for players attempting to complete quests, particularly when visiting northern capital cities like Windhelm or Winterhold where Hold Guards await arrival at each entrance.

Carrying heavy equipment or armor can make traveling slower if you’re over-encumbered. The Better Horses mod can help with this by giving your horses more stamina and speed, but you still need to carry the items or use other techniques in order to travel quickly when overburdened.

ESO Shorts’ Method

While the Better Horses mod is an ideal solution for traveling quickly in Skyrim, it may not be ideal for players who require to carry more gear or armor than average. That is where ESO Shorts offers another solution – ESO Shorts’ solution!

Rapid travel in Skyrim can be made more efficient by using a corpse as your companion. Simply dump all of your belongings on it, then drag it around with you. Afterward, use either Reanimate Spell or Ritual Stone to bring life back into the corpse and have it accompany you on all of your adventures!