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Wp Travel Engine Shortcodes

WP Travel Engine Shortcodes – The Best Travel Booking Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Travel Engine Shortcodes

WordPress is an ideal platform to create a tour booking website that provides customers with an effortless and user-friendly experience. Whether you want to build an online shop or fully fledged tour booking platform, there are numerous travel booking plugins available for WordPress that can help your business expand quickly. Here are some of the top options worth considering:

WP Travel Engine

WP Travel Engine is a free WordPress travel booking plugin designed to make creating travel agency websites or tour operator portals simple and efficient. It is SEO friendly, with several sales and marketing add-on features designed to upsell, increase average order value (AOV), and reach an even wider audience.

This plugin’s primary advantage lies in its search engine optimization features, including schema markup (JSON-LD format). This helps search engines better comprehend your website and elevate it higher on organic searches.

Your site also features a smart travel booking process to guarantee customers book the trip they desire quickly and easily. The form is straightforward, only including essential fields necessary for making a booking – helping reduce field clutter and boost conversion rates.

WP Travel Engine’s Advanced Tour Filtering and Search

WP Travel Engine offers a search filter feature to enable visitors to find tours that meet their criteria, such as budget, duration, pricing, dates, activities and trip types. With this advanced feature they can find tours tailored specifically to their preferences.

You can customize the search filters to meet your individual needs. In fact, you may even display multiple filters together in one row for added convenience.

Filters on your website are an effective way to encourage website visitors to view and book your tour packages. This will motivate them to click the links and book their travel arrangements.

Utilizing filters on your website is a cinch. Simply insert the relevant shortcode in pages, posts or widget areas to begin using them.

WP Travel Blocks

Another great option to consider is WP Travel Blocks, a free WordPress plugin that makes adding trip filter to your site an effortless process. It provides various custom blocks you can use for creating the filter you desire and features an intuitive editor for customizing pages.

Furthermore, the plugin offers a collection of ready-to-use custom blocks that you can quickly and easily add to your travel pages without touching a line of code.

These blocks are compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor, allowing you to showcase destinations, trip types, activities and more. Plus they let you customize the layouts of pages and posts without editing codes.

WordPress travel engine shortcodes are essential for any WordPress tour booking website! They allow you to create beautiful trip pages that showcase the most important details about each tour and encourage visitors to book it.

Other useful travel plugins include Kallyas, Timeline Express and Gallery Bank. All these solutions allow you to build a travel business website in minutes with responsive designs that adapt for any screen size. With them, you can create stunning animated vertical timelines and responsive photo galleries on your website with hundreds of font awesome icons for an unique look.