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Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune

Good Fortune by Viktor & Rolf

Good Fortune is the olfactory manifesto of self-potentialization and spirituality, inspired by the Spiritual Glamour Haute Couture Collection. It is intended to inspire optimism and happiness while also being seductively sensual. It can be worn as an accessory, or on the body.

This Viktor & Rolf new fragrance was launched in 2022. It is a floral amber scent with notes of jasmine, gentiana and Madagascar vanilla. The brand seal is also on the bottle. It is the perfect scent for anyone who wants to control their destiny.

FKA Twigs is the face of Good Fortune. She is a Grammy-nominated artist known for her non-withholding attitude toward female artistry. Her sharp and incisive tunes are also a hallmark of her music. In this way, she is a definite embodiment of female empowerment.

This fragrance is available in three sizes: 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml. The bottles are refillable. The perfume will be available in the market in June. The bottles can be reused and are vegan. It also features an amethyst stone cap.

Good Fortune by Viktor & Rolf, a floral fragrance for women inspired by the brand’s spiritual Glamour Haute couture fashion line, is a fresh, floral scent. The new fragrance is the brand’s first major fragrance launch since 2014. The scent is composed of notes of jasmine and fennel with a base of bourbon vanilla. Good Fortune is presented in a round glass bottle. It features the singer-songwriter FKA Twigs as the face of the fragrance’s campaigns.

The Good Fortune fragrance is a white floral scent with a heart of rich jasmine. The scent is suitable for daytime wear. The packaging is eco-friendly and made of recycled glass. Good Fortune is similar to Giorgio Armani’s My Way fragrance in style, but does not feature the tuberose note. The Jasmine Superinfusion accord adds a hypnotic floral feeling to the fragrance, while the bourbon vanilla infusion provides warmth to the base. The jasmine-vanilla celebration fragrance lasts on the skin.

Viktor & Rolf have been a prominent name in the luxury market. They were founded in 1993 and are well-known in the avant-garde fashion world. They have also expanded into fragrance. Their 2005 debut fragrance Flowerbomb launched the label into the fragrance world. Founders Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are spearheads of fearless transformation. Using a contemporary, technical approach to perfumes, they’ve become an essential part of the haute couture scene.