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Damon Wimbley Weight Loss

Damon Wimbley – Weight Loss Success Story

It’s been a while since Damon Wimbley has made a social media appearance, with the last time being back in 2010. The singer has not done much since his Fay Boys days, and has been quiet for a while. He briefly dabbled in acting, with credits in movies like Disorderliness and Price of Glory. Sadly, his weight loss has gotten him into the news.

Damon Wimbley, however, is not the only one who has experienced weight loss. He’s lost over 30 pounds and is now a much healthier person. Brooklyn, Damon’s wife, loves his slimmer body. Damon was only 20 pounds overweight when he began his weight loss journey. Damon lost weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. He also created accountability contacts via the Internet to hold himself accountable.

Damon Wimbley’s weight loss journey started with breakfast at home, and ended with a lunch at a local restaurant. He shared his reasons for taking on the Day Ketogenic Weight Loss Challenge, and how he managed to keep it up for so long. He maintained his strict diet for five days, despite all the difficulties. Then, he ate one meal a day for five days and had a full meal at a nearby restaurant.

When Damon Wimbley first started working as an actor, he weighed 330 pounds. However, he had gained back more than half that weight within a few years, and had to change his diet and exercise regimen to keep his weight down. The same is true of the music industry. Damon Wimbley is an example of someone who struggles with weight loss, but is showing that it is possible.

Wimbley’s net worth has been estimated at $400000. He works for the Uncle Louie Production Management team in New York. Wimbley was once a member the Fat Boys and weighed in at 204kg. Prince Markie Dee, a member of the group, died in 1995 at the age of 28, so Wimbley’s weight loss is truly amazing.

Damon Wimbley was a founding member of hip-hop group The Fat Boys. The group was formed in 1982 and later disbanded. In 2008, the three were reconciled. Their self-titled debut album hit the stores in 1984 and was Gold-certified. The album reached #6 on the US R&H charts and was certified platinum. It reached the Billboard 200’s top 40.