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The Amazing Things To do In Pigeon Forge

The Eight Amazing Things To do In Pigeon Forge

A beautiful town in eastern Tennessee, Pigeon Forge is the home of Dollywood, Smoky Mountain Opry, and Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, theme parks with rides, water parks, and museums, along with live dinner shows.

This town’s numerous fun activities and exotic places put it in the top-most visited areas in the US. Founded in the late 1700s, Pigeon Forge’s history and cultural richness add more color to the entire Pigeon Forge experience. 

For example, the big wooden gristmill in Old Mill Square stands the way it did in the 18th century. The shops and restaurants in this square still do not have digital signs and stand in quaint colonial buildings, exuding the 1800s vibes with its country charm.

On the other hand, Pigeon Forge also houses contemporary amusement parks, the weirdest museums, with unique festivals running throughout the year. 

You’ll find many things to do while in Pigeon Forge with zero chances of boredom. With that said, let’s explore some of the most exciting activities to enjoy there.

Visit The Adventure Park

The park offers Rowdy Bear Mountain adventure as among the top things to do in Pigeon Forge, with a one-of-a-kind mountain glider and the longest and fastest outdoor snow-tubing hill.

You can also try tubing this September with two Magic Carpet Conveyors running to the top of the hill with exotic Smoky Mountain views. 

The snow tubing session will run for 90 minutes daily, so gather your entire family and enjoy summer snow tubing this year. 

Do not miss the Avalanche Snow Coaster and zip zap through the ridge at your desired speed. Learn how good your aim is at Outdoor Axe Throwing competition in the park. 

Pro tip – if you want to know more about the best attractions at Pigeon Forge, type in Pigeon Forge things to do on Google and hit search. 

Visit The Island

A visit to the Island will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a completely new city. It is unlike a typical Island that requires a boat to reach. 

You can join a bus tour to the Island with all the other tourists. Once you reach it, you will see that it is more like a mini complex inside Pigeon Forge.

Enjoy the gigantic Ferris wheel that rumbles above the Island skylines. Do not miss the dancing-colored fountain centrally located on the Island. 

Local cafes, steakhouses, and restaurants with board games and pool tables are at every corner, exuding charm yet quaint vibes.

Hatfield And McCoy’s Dinner Feud

Get together with your family to enjoy a feast at Hatfield and McCoy’s dinner feud, where the two cousins settle their feud with stunts and comedy shows. 

You get to feast too while enjoying a live comedy show. They end the feud with singing and dancing by the time you finish eating and can join them in the dances. 

They dance to the tunes of country music and folk music. They also offer cowboy boots and hats for dance performances, with live country music played by skilled musicians. 

Their feasting menu includes country-cooked granny-style pulled pork barbecue, fried chicken, mashed taters, buttery corn on the cob, creamy coleslaws, vegetable soup, homemade rolls, and a granny-style homemade special dessert. 

In addition, it has a swimming hole, especially for tourists visiting for the first time. You can also enjoy country-style live swimming pool shows by Hillbillies and diving dogs. 

Dolly Parton’s Stampede

It is a one-of-a-kind dinner show restaurant at Pigeon Forge. Watch 32 skilled horseback riders thrill you with daring tricks and friendly competition while you feast. The show ends with Dolly Parton’s patriotic anthem. 

The lavish feast features rotisserie chicken, creamy vegetable soup, smoked pork loin, herb-basted potatoes, apple pastry, homemade cookies, and biscuits, with unlimited refills of tea, coffee, and cola. 

Top Jump Trampoline And Extreme Arena

Another exciting attraction at Pigeon Forge is an indoor trampoline park where you can cartwheel. In addition, it offers rock climbing walls and a VR gaming experience in combination with arcade games

, making it an ideal place for kids and teenagers. They can play dodgeball and basketball in teams and can race cars and slime aliens. 

There is even a place for adults and elders in an air-conditioned lounge with a television and free Wi-Fi. 

Take A Boat Ride In The Caverns

Can you believe that Tennessee houses thousands of artificial caves? Not just this, you can take boats inside the colored caverns and explore the Forbidden Caverns with your friends and family. 

Situated at the Great Smoky Mountain base is a web of caverns with guided tours, glittering moving steam rocks, and sound effects. 

It is not precisely inside Pigeon Forge but a few miles North in Sevierville.

Fun fact: the Forbidden Caverns remain cool at 60° Fahrenheit, regardless of the outside weather, making it an ideal summer exploration trip.

Christmas Place – Where Christmas Never Sleeps

If you love all things Christmas, then Christmas Place is a great spot to hang out. It’s a holiday-themed village where you can enjoy year-round cookies, hot chocolate, and eggnog regardless of the weather. 

However, the place witnesses the highest footfall during the actual holiday season at the end of every year. 

During the Christmas holidays, the place highlights the richness of Christmas trees, Christmas lights, snowmen, and shoppers bustling down the streets. 

You will find holiday-themed shops playing holiday music and selling stockings, Christmas ornaments, and other collectibles. The shopkeepers dress as elves to dazzle the customers who enter their stores. 

For the most memorable experience, however, visit the place in July for maximum fun with your families. 

Explore Wonder Works

The place will make you stop in your tracks. Wonder Works defies gravity in its upside-down architecture, features laser tag and magic shows, displays educational math and science art pieces, and has rope courses with glow-in-the-dark features.

It is not a museum or an entertainment center but a mix of a diverse set of activities. You would have to see it for yourself to define its nature. 


Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is not a place to miss! It is a place of wonder, enjoyment, adventure, thrill, exploration sites, and unique indulging experiences. 

Pigeon Forge is the place to start if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, crazy rides, and weird unconventional places. 

Moreover, many exotic views, local cuisines, live shows, and performances are waiting for you to experience. 

For a sun-filled summer adventure this year, do not miss the Rowdy Bear Mountain adventure at the Adventure Park of Pigeon Forge. It is going to be the event of the year. 

Not only that, you get to experience Christmas in the mid of July! Who would have thought of that? 

So gear up and get ready to enter the world of adventurous Pigeon Forge.