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How Much Fat Do You Need For A Bbl

You might be curious about how much fat you should have if you are thinking of getting a BBL. While the average person may have enough extra fat to have a BBL, obese patients may need to lose a significant amount of weight to be eligible for the surgery. A qualified BBL surgeon can evaluate the amount of fat required to enhance the buttocks. There are several factors to consider when deciding how much fat you need for your surgery.

The amount of fat needed for a slim Brazilian Butt Lift depends on the patient’s preferences and anatomy. Patients with smaller bodies will generally require less fat to reach their goals. In general, a five-foot-ten-inch, 180-pound patient will need around 4,000 cc of fat to have a dramatic change. This is a significant amount of fat to put into each buttock.

You should wear a compression garment during the recovery period. The compression garment should be snug but not too tight that it stops you from sleeping. Ideally, you should sleep on your side, but if you know you’ll be lying on your back at some point, sleeping on your side might be a better option. You should avoid sleeping on the back for at least 2 months after surgery.

After the procedure, your new fat cells will become attached to your skin. Within six weeks, your body will create a blood supply to the fat cells. Once the blood supply is established, you can start sitting without the BBL cushion. During the first six weeks you should only sit down if absolutely necessary. When you need to rest, it is best to lie on your back or on your stomach. Most BBL specialists who were surveyed agreed that it is best to avoid sitting for six to 8 weeks after the surgery.

Some patients aren’t obese enough to be able to have excess body fat for a BBL. However, patients who are curvy may be able to have their fat harvested through liposuction. They may also be able to modify their fat to suit their body. BBL surgery is safe for people who weigh less than fifteen pounds. Patients must be healthy and have a good medical history before they undergo this procedure. They will be screened by their general practitioner for possible complications and risks.

It’s important that you don’t engage in strenuous activity for the first two months after a BBL procedure. However, it is important to increase your calorie burning rate. Light walking is fine, but strenuous exercise should be avoided. Good sweat is essential for providing blood supply to fat cells in the butt region. If you cannot get enough fat to undergo a BBL, you might need to opt for another procedure, such as a silicone implant butt augmentation.

A top plastic surgeon is required to perform a BBL. You can schedule a free consultation online or with a plastic surgeon by visiting the BBL website. Ask questions about the procedure and the care afterward. You might end up with a better-looking back after BBL surgery.