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Pictures Of Pickle From Swamp People

Pictures of Pickle From Swamp People

Pickle Wheat is an American gator hunter who appeared on the History Channel series Swamp People. She is one of the few females on the show and has impressed fans with her skill.

She has been working with her father in the hunting business since she was a child. She also helps with the family’s duck call and turkey call business. She is an avid hunter who has mastered the art of making turkey calls. She was recently added to the cast of Swamp People, a show that follows a group of professional hunters and their families as they live and work in the Atchafalaya River Basin.

Pickle’s great-grandfather was one of the original alligator hunters in the St. Bernard Parish area. She is also from a long line of swampers, hunters, and fishermen. Her family has a tradition of alligator hunting and trapping birds. Her parents, Eddie and Missie, raised her in the Louisiana area. She is currently living in Saint Bernard Parish.

Pickle was born in Poydras, Louisiana and is 25 years old. She has a brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs 125 pounds. She is currently single. However, she has a relationship with Chase Landry, the eldest son of Troy Landry.

She has been featured on the History Channel’s Swamp People for season 12 and is expected to be a major addition to the show’s upcoming seasons. She is a very talented gator hunter and has been a member of the Swamp People crew since season 3. She has a growing social media following. Her Instagram account is active and she posts pictures of herself with alligators and snakes. She has also posted pictures of her pup, Strut.

She has not revealed her net worth publicly. This is largely because she prefers to keep her personal life separate from her work. She has a Facebook page and a Twitter account that are a bit less active. She has not updated her Instagram profile for a couple of months. She has 1,330 fans on the platform. She likes to dress up in camouflage gear and use a crossbow when hunting. She has been successful at catching alligators and earning money for her family.

While she is known for her gator-hunting skills, she is also an expert at duck calls and turkey calls. She is the eldest of three children and her siblings include Jacob and Brandon. She has been with her father on hunting trips since she was a child. She has learned the gator hunting craft from her father. She has been involved in a gator attack, albeit a small one. She is still a fan favorite.

She has been dating Chase since 2020. They have shared a child, Riley. She also got close to Chase’s mother, Chelsea Kinney. She and Chase made things official with a Facebook post on October 25. They are reportedly dating for at least two years, though they don’t mention how long they’ve been together.