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Traveler Ascension Materials

Character Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Character Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact are essential for leveling up your character and keeping them at the top of their game. These resources can be acquired regularly through Transmutation, Sigil purchases, and even dungeon crawling.

Anemo Traveler Builds

The Traveler offers a versatile playstyle across different elemental alignments and is an excellent support character. Players looking to utilize their abilities in sub-dps roles will find that they are compatible with nearly any weapon kit.

As you can see from the chart below, Anemo Traveler offers strong build options and a selection of Artifact sets that help them deal more damage to opponents with their Swirl DMG attack. The most significant set is a 4-Piece Viridescent Venerer Artifact which increases Swirl DMG while shredding an opponent’s Elemental Resist to whatever element they are Swirling. Combining this element with other elements can significantly boost your overall DPS output.

Anemo Traveler Talents

The traveler has three talents that can be leveled up. These abilities all affect their capacity for dealing Anemo DMG in an AoE attack. The first talent, Palm Vortex, is particularly powerful; it deals continuous damage to all opponents in front of it and may even kill them with 2% HP if the attack is held down for 5 seconds.

Another powerful talent is Elemental Absorption, which players can use in combination with Palm Vortex. This talent can only be activated once per use and when the traveler’s palm comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cyro or Electro elements it will deal additional Elemental DMG of that type to their enemies.

This talent is extremely powerful and should be leveled up to a maximum of 4. Elemental Burst and Normal Attack are also highly effective talents that should both be at least level 15. These two talents specialize in dealing Anemo DMG when used together as an AoE attack.

Anemo Traveler Crafts

Anemo Traveler can craft three different weapons that will enable them to excel in various roles. All three weapons boast high base attack and energy recharge rates, as well as the chance for elemental mastery when they cause a Dendro reaction.

They offer a weapon that is an amalgamation of their base weapons, offering higher AoE damage and an impressive attack rate. This weapon is created from Skyward Blade and Festering Desire, making it perfect for Anemo Travelers looking to add effective attack rate as a secondary stat.

They possess several passive abilities as well, such as dealing Anemo DMG to all characters within it in an Area of Effect (AoE) attack and unlocking talents by acquiring new constellations. During each ascension phase of their ascension journey, Travelers may unlock two more passive talents.