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Cincha Travel

Cincha Travel Belt

Traveling the world, whether by air, train or road is sure to slow you down. That’s why BIPOC couple Ash and James invented an innovative travel belt that lets you connect your carry-on bag to your luggage with one click – creating a seamless transition into the airport.

This cinchable travel belt features nylon straps with vegan leather accents, an elastic fitter to reduce excess slack, and a quick-release metal buckle that securely fastens your personal bag to luggage! Available in two different sizes and 18 colors, you can personalize it with your monogram to make it truly yours!

Flyers, train-takers and road-trippers alike need this essential tool!

Cincha is a BIPOC-owned business that designs adjustable vegan leather travel belts. With every purchase, Cincha donates 100 airline miles to Miles4Migrants – connecting migrant families around the world who cannot afford travel.

Giveback is an integral part of Cincha’s mission and serves to motivate customers towards the brand. Founders Ash and James, both natives of San Francisco Bay Area, founded the business with a mission to make travel more comfortable and accessible for everyone. Furthermore, they collaborate with local Californian women and minority artists by hand-painting monograms on their travel belts – providing personalization options for customers!

This small business is an inspiring example of how to combine giving back and community with a growing brand. They ship directly from their HQ (aka apartment) in California, and they actively respond to emails and DMs from fans. It’s clear that this small business understands the importance of giving back to its community.

The brand is dedicated to reuniting migrant families, and has raised 500,000 frequent flier miles for Miles4Migrants over the past year. This has allowed hundreds of families to be reunited through domestic and international flights that connected migrants and refugees with their loved ones.

As a start-up girl with an affinity for travel and the environment, I am proud to be an entrepreneur who believes in giving back to my community. By building a product that makes people’s lives better, I get to combine my two passions.