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Body Of Research Mtg

Magic the Gathering Metagame – Body of Research

Body of Research is a powerful card in Magic: The Gathering. It’s currently in 264 different decks, and it’s a key part of 10 different combos. It’s mostly played in the Eldrazi, Temur, Izzet, and Temur Calamity decks, but it also finds use in Alchemy and Historic.


Metagame refers to the process of predicting the next action of an opponent and using this information to improve your game. It is a critical procedure that involves analyzing the structure and flow of a game. This critical approach is fuelled by the pain of defeat, hours of ruminating and solving problems, and continuous knowledge acquisition. This process is a vital part of the game and requires a well-balanced strategy.

In contrast to a purely informational text, a metagame text weaves together informational text and narrative text. It also contains generative and iterative practices. Metagame texts can be written in several ways, depending on the preferences of the authors.


When you’re in the market for Magic the Gathering cards, one of the most popular cards in the game is the Body of Research. It’s a powerful, versatile card that can be used in many decks. The card has been used in over 264 decks in the last year, and is a crucial part of more than 10 different combos. It’s currently being used in both Alchemy and Historic, but it’s also being played a lot in Temur Treasures, Temur Calamity, and Temur Research.

Decks that include it

In Magic the Gathering, Body of Research can be a useful card to play in a variety of decks. Its powerful stature and versatility makes it an excellent choice for many decks, and it can be an excellent card for creating powerful combos. This card is often played in a Temur deck, and it has a few other uses as well.