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Which Statement About Motivation Is True

Numerous studies have shown that motivation in humans is driven by a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. These two types of motivation are associated with different emotions, behaviors, and evaluations. People who are motivated by intrinsic motivation are more satisfied with their work. Extrinsic motivation is not worth the effort unless it is related to other goals. The study of motivational processes shows that people who perform tasks for intrinsic reasons are more likely to perform better than those motivated by extrinsic rewards.

Humans’ basic biological motivations were developed to help their ancestors survive and reproduce. These basic motivations include the desire to reproduce, hunger, sleeplessness, and pain avoidance. Modules 22, 26, and 27 discuss the three most common types of biological motivation. Regardless of whether you agree with these definitions, you should be able to identify a few common examples of each type of motivation. You will learn the most important types of motivation throughout your studies.

According to the theory of self-determination, there are three universal psychological needs that can strongly influence behavior. Self-determination theory relates these to the concept of intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation refers to the desire to engage an activity for its own sake, to have fun, or to reach a goal. The self-determination theory suggests that motivational processes develop over time as individuals learn. The evidence is compelling and supports this view.