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Which Theme Best Fits The Story Of Frankenstein

One of the themes of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein novel is the violation of natural laws. Human beings must not mess with nature, and the monster represents the fear of government control. In this novel, Victor Frankenstein attempts to create life through chemical manipulation and dead human body parts, creating a monstrous creature. As the title suggests, this creature is hideous and unattractive, and it is rejected by society.

Themes are the central idea in a literary work and are what make the story engaging and persuasive. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley uses several themes to teach about the value of creation and the dangers of using science. Themes also include lessons about the future, the misuse of science, and the use of power and authority. All of these themes are present in the story, but which one fits the book best?

There are many themes within the Frankenstein story, and one of the most prominent is the concept of justice and injustice. The book shows the consequences of such actions: Justine is convicted of the murder of her husband, William, and then sentenced to death, while Victor hints that the Creature is guilty of the crime. Even worse, the Creature becomes an evil killer. The novel is full of themes, and it is important to determine which theme best fits the story of Frankenstein.

Themes of creation are a key theme in Frankenstein. While Victor tries to create a monster and give it life, his efforts are not successful. He must create a companion for his Creature, but he fails and loses his life in the process. Unlike the creation of a living creature, a human being is not God. And the creation of a living being should not be done without careful planning and foresight.

Revenge is a theme in Frankenstein. The monster was created out of revenge. Rather than creating a companion, Victor kills the monster. The revenge theme is a common one in the Frankenstein story. However, he is ultimately unable to save his daughter, and the monster is left to fend for himself. The resulting death is a tragic ending for everyone involved.

Themes are also important in Mary Shelley’s story. One of the themes is about the misuse of science. In Frankenstein, the Creature was born of a woman, but Victor made it human. As such, the Creature is a monster, but it is a living one. This means that the creatures should be equal in terms of appearance and gender. A human can not be a god if he tries to change a living creature.

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