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Moana Little People

Little People Moana Oar-Mole With Boat

Among the hundreds of products in Fisher-Price’s toy bins, the Disney Princess Little People Oar-Mole with Boat (or float as it is also known) is undoubtedly the most fun to play with. The vehicle features a surprisingly good build quality, and has a plethora of interactive features. Moreover, the Moana and Pua characters are portrayed in a realistic manner, allowing your little prince to take on the roles of their favourite Disney princesses. The float can be assembled on its own or used in tandem with other Little People vehicles for the ultimate in hands-on play. It’s a worthy addition to any toy collection. It’s the right size for toddlers and toddlers at heart, and has plenty of room to grow.

As with any toy, a few precautions should be taken to ensure your child’s safety. It is a good idea to read the instructions carefully, and to make sure that the vehicle is properly stored after use. While you’re at it, don’t forget to throw a little water on the hull in case the oars snag on the way back to the garage.