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Why Do Guys Say You Re So Wet

Are you wondering why guys keep saying you’re wet? If so, it’s time to educate yourself. Wetness is a normal part of being a woman, so don’t be alarmed if your guy keeps saying it. The first thing he needs to know is how to feel wet. This is a common problem that many women face. It can lead to problems, but you can work through it.

The first step is to understand why guys comment on wetness. Men sometimes try to make you wet by saying “you’re soaking wet right now.” While this may be a tacky tactic, the real motive is to make you feel good. The lizard brain is fascinated by what wet feels like and can’t comprehend that our bodies make lubricant! However, you can’t let this put you off.

Wetness is a natural response to being turned on. It makes the genitals lubricated and smooth. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re arousal, it can be a sign that you’re not ready to engage in sex. It’s also important to note that men don’t have to have feelings for a woman to tell her that she’s wet.

Often times, a guy will use a comment like, “You’re so wet right now,” with the intent of making her wet. It’s important to know that this isn’t a bad thing if it’s just a way to make you wet. Depending on what he’s trying to accomplish, however, the word can have multiple meanings.

If you’re a woman, why do men say you’re wet? There are many reasons why men would say this, and the answer is simple: to make you wet. In other words, a guy’s intent is to make a woman wet. Whether it’s a desire for a man or a lustful woman, it’s an attempt to get the woman to the point of dripping.

Wetness is an involuntary response to being turned on. A guy’s wetness is an involuntary process and is never a bad sign. It’s important to understand why guys say you’re so wet and how to deal with it. A man’s wetness is usually a sign that he’s arousal. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to understand the underlying reason for this behavior.

A guy’s wetness is an involuntary response to being turned on. It’s a natural response to getting turned on. It’s a sign that he’s ready to get intimate. It’s also a way to communicate that he’s ready to have sex with you. While the majority of men are not wet, men can have involuntary boners without being interested in sex.

Wetness is not a bad thing, but it is a warning sign of arousal. The body is prone to wetness involuntarily and can be an indication that a guy’s sex is not ready to be with you. The reason that he says you’re wet is because your lizard brain has a positive reaction to it. The message is that he wants to make you feel better and is attempting to convince you that he’s in love with you.

If a guy says you’re wet, he’s just describing the way you feel during sex. Basically, he’s saying you’re aroused, and this is a huge red flag. If you’re wet and a man is aroused, he’s probably a little overwhelmed. The good news is that you’re a very strong and sensual woman and he doesn’t need to worry about sex.

When a guy gets aroused, blood rushes to his genitals. This extra blood pressure engorges the vulva, clitoris, and labia, causing them to “sweat.” This is actually an excellent reason to act a little wet! So, how do you get a guy to turn on? Simply listen to your body. It’s all about a woman’s sensitivity.

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